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Building a backyard pond with a waterfall or a fountain water feature is quickly becoming the most popular backyard enhancement among those who wish to beautify and upgrade their homes.

These water gardens ponds and fountains/bubblers which may be expanded with streams and pond waterfalls provide the family with much enjoyment as well as a cost effective way to increase a home’s value.

The do-it-yourself homeowner can easily plan, purchase at discounted prices and build a backyard garden pond, pondless waterfalls or a water fountain with all of the extra pond supplies listed below for a very small investment of time and money.

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DIY'er Pond Kits
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American Pond Freedom Series

American Pond

Protective Pond Netting

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Winterized - 200 Watts Heated Pond Saucer
Atlantic Water Gardens Colorfalls Kits
Ecological Laboratories Microbe-Lift
Winterized -1250 Watt Floating Heater
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American "Pond Free" Professional Series

Atlantic Water Gardens Colorfalls Lighted Falls - Replacement Light

Black Silicone Sealant
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Atlantic Water Gardens - Compact LED SpotlightPond Koi/Goldfish Food
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Atlantic Water Gardens -Complete LED spotlight American Pond

Pond Filters and Skimmers Atlantic Water Gardens -Transformer and 4-way splitter
Atlantic Water Gardens DIY FilterFalls
Atlantic Water Gardens - Single LED Pond LightKoi Fish Nets
Atlantic Water Gardens Heavy Duty Professional Pond FilterFalls
Atlantic Water Gardens - 3 Pack LED Pond LightKoi Kastles
Atlantic Water Gardens DIY Pond Skimmers
Atlantic Water Gardens - Large LED Pond LightFountain/Bubbler Supplies
Atlantic Water Gardens Heavy Duty Professional Pond Skimmers
Alpine 20-Watt Halogen Light
Fountain Pro Pumps

Atlantic Water Gardens Satellite Pond Skimmer
50-Watt Halogen Light with Transformer Rio Fountain, Rio Pond Pumps
Atlantic Water Gardens FastFallsHeavy duty 50-Watt Aluminum Garden and Underwater Light.Little Giant Pumps

Aquascape Pumps
Matala Pond Filter 60-Watt Transformer with Photo Cell and Timer.Atlantic Fountain Basins
Filter Mats100 - 200 -300 Watt Transformers with Photo Cell and Timer.EasyPro Pump Vaults
Bacti-Twist and Bio Balls3 - 4 - 6 Way Socket Connection w/ 7" CordAtlantic Water Gardens Pump Vaults

PondMaster Pump Vaults

Atlantic Water Gardens Fountain Basins

EasyPro Fountain Basins

Aquascape Fountain Basins/Kits

Atlantic Water Gardens Echo Chambers

Atlantic Water Gardens EcoBlox

EasyPro Res-Cubes

Garden Pond Pumps

Atlantic  3000 - 9000GPH and 12500GPH 230V Tidal Wave Pump

Atlantic TidalWave II Hybrid Energy Saving Magnetic Drive Pumps
 EPDM Pond Liner 45mil
UV Clarifiers & Sterilizers Atlantic TidalWave III PAF-Series Pond Pumps
Boxed EPDM Firestone PondGard Flexible Pond Liner Pondmaster Professional Grade Pressurized Filters by Danner MFG
Atlantic TidalWave SH-Series Pond Pumps

Boxed Underlayment

TetraPond® GreenFree UV Clarifiers
Shinmaywa Norus Series Submersible Pond Pumps
Pond Liner Seaming tape and Repair Tools

Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series
Anjon Flood Pumps

Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage Series
Anjon Monsoon Pumps

Pressurized Pond Filters Aquascape™ Aquasurge® Pumps

Pondmaster Professional Grade Pressurized Filters
Aquascape™ Aquasurge® Pro Pumps

Pondmaster Compact Pressurized Filter

Laguna Pressure-Flo Pressurized Pond Filter

Laguna ClearFlo & UV Filter Combo Kit

PondWorks Etc.
Your affordable, online discountedgarden pond and fountain supplies company since 2005

PondWorks Etc. is your source for all the garden pond and fountain supplies required to build and maintain a beautiful water garden feature right in your own backyard.
  • Pond water treatment supplies and equipment
  • Waterfall pond pumps and fountain/bubbler pumps
  • Koi pond fish food
  • Complete pond kits and fountain/bubbler supplies, including pondless waterfall, fountain kits, fountain pumps, pond kit supplies and water treatment supplies.

We have the experience to assist you in choosing just the right package to meet your needs. What is the pond best size? How about a garden pond waterfall or a gurgling pond stream? What is the proper size pond pump? Should it be a DIY weekend project?

These are some of the decisions we can help you with, to ensure that you have exactly the pond supplies you need for a successful and rewarding waterfalls pond and/or fountain/bubbler feature installation.
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Click on the phone here and we can discuss your water garden pond or fountain. Whether you need a complete pond kit or just a few pond supplies to maintain the health and beauty of your water feature we are here to help.


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